Northern lights: Were we robbed?

After meteorologists predicted a spectacular northern lights display, many Minnesotans pried themselves off their couches last night and headed out to check it out. The forecast included the possibility that the aurora borealis would be visible from the Twin Cities.

The reports we're seeing from social media are that clouds got in the way for many.

On MPR's Facebook page, there were more than 60 comments about the northern lights last night. Initial excitement was followed by disappointment.

Brian Thavis wrote:

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Well, guess who rousted himself out of the house and got in a car and drove out of town for minimal light pollution on a cloudless night

Heather Albert Scavo wrote:

Beyond cold = super clear. "Warms up" to 20 and get cloudy. Darn you Mother Nature. Give us something!!

People on Twitter echoed these thoughts --- the question kept coming.

At least someone in England saw them:

And this guy in Nottingham made his own display:

Our question: Did anyone actually see the northern lights?