Notes in the Margins: Stereotypes, undermatching and a book-sales dip

Federal task force to target campus sexual assaults The announcement is seen as a victory by many college activists, who have organized in recent years to file federal complaints against administrators. (Los Angeles Times)

Textbook CFO: U.S. Higher-Education Recovery Unlikely This Year Pearson’s finance chief said Thursday that the publisher’s core U.S. higher-education business faces revenue pressure in a “difficult backdrop,” with key trends unlikely to improve greatly in 2014. (The Wall Street Journal)

Prepaid Tuition Doesn’t Change the Fact That College Costs Too Much  A number of  prepaid programs have seen a decrease in enrollment. (iamnotaloan)

High schooler’s Twitter study aims to debunk college stereotypes Grace Isford, a high school junior at the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Greenwich, Conn., has a name for the tornado of university rankings, rumors and reputations: the “college hype machine.” (USA Today)

Over-Reaching on Undermatching Beneath the surface of the undermatching theory, problems abound. The message that elite schools are only for the "best" low income students seems like serious over-reaching, disparaging many more less prestigious colleges that do a very good job serving low income students, including the higher achievers among them. (The Huffington Post)

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