Photos: Inside the majestic Lake Superior ice caves

Lake Superior trail
1 People walk a well-beaten trail that hugs the shoreline Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2013. 
Crawling through passage
2 Crawling through passage 
Ice caves
3 Ice caves 
Icicles descend
4 Icicles descend 
Ice caves
5 Ice caves 
Frosty icicles
6 Frosty icicles 
Giant icicles
7 Giant icicles 
Checking out caves
8 Checking out caves 
Ice caves
9 Ice caves 
Sun peaks through
10 Sun peaks through 
Icicles descend
11 Icicles descend 
Frigid hike
12 Frigid hike 
Icicles descend
13 Icicles descend 
Waves of ice
14 Waves of ice 
Pieces of cliffside
15 Pieces of cliffside 
Sun sets
16 Sun sets 
Sun sets
17 Sun sets