Seeing Sochi Day 6: Our favorite Olympics photos

Women's hockey
1 Canada's Meghan Agosta-Marciano (L) celebrates after scoring a goal during the Women's Ice Hockey Group A match between Canada and USA at the Sochi Winter Olympics on February 12, 2014 at the Shayba Arena. 
USA men's curling
2 USA men's curling 
USA women's curling
3 USA women's curling 
Ski jumping
4 Ski jumping 
Alpine skiing
5 Alpine skiing 
Nordic combined skiing
6 Nordic combined skiing 
Eric Frenzel
7 Eric Frenzel 
Nordic combined skiing
8 Nordic combined skiing 
'Kazak Singers'
9 'Kazak Singers' 
10 Snowboarding 
11 Snowboarding 
12 Snowboarding 
13 Snowboarding 
14 Luge 
Pair ice skating
15 Pair ice skating 
Speed skating
16 Speed skating