MSP International Film Festival unveils first eight films of 2014

The Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival released the names of eight of the more than 200 films going to be shown at the fest this year, which runs April 3-19. The full line up will be released early in March.

"Club Sandwich" (Fernando Eimbcke, director; Mexico, 2013) A deadpan coming of age story set in a beach resort, involving a single mother, her 15 year old son Hector, and Jazmin, a 16 year old girl he meets by the pool. (Note: adult language in the trailer)

"Cesar’s Last Fast" (Richard Ray Perez, Lorena Parlee, directors; U.S., 2014) A documentary about farm activist Cesar Chavez and his 1988 hunger strike to highlight the impact of pesticides on farm workers.

Le Chef (Daniel Cohen, director; France/Spain, 2012) A kitchen comedy featuring Jean Reno and Michael Youn as two chefs battling the possibility of a downgrade in the Michelin Guide.

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"Trip to Italy" (Michael Winterbottom, director; U.S., 2014) Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are unleashed once again under the guidance of Michael Winterbottom as they do for Italy what they did for the north of England in "The Trip."

"Web Junkie" (Shosh Shlam, Hilla Medalia, directors; Israel/China,  2013) A new movie about how the Chinese address what local doctors have defined as  "Internet addiction." The directors profile patients in a Beijing rehab center as they are 'deprogrammed."

"Google and the World Brain" (Ben Lewis, director; U.K./Spain/Germany, 2013) An examination of Google's audacious and controversial project to scan every book in existence. "A battle between the people of the book, and the people of the screen."

"The Starfish Throwers" (Jesse Roesler, director; U.S./India, 2014) A movie inspired by Minneapolis resident Allan Law's campaign to help homeless folks by handing out sandwiches examines efforts that single people have made to deal with seemingly unconquerable problems.

"Trespassing Bergman" (Jane Magnusson, Hynek Pallas, directors; Sweden, 2014) A host of great directors visit a secret house the great Swedish director Ingmar Bergman built on a small island in the Baltic Sea in the 1950s. The visitors, including Michael Haneke, Claire Denis, Martin Scorsese, Ang Lee, Isabella Rossellini, Zhang Yimou, Francis Ford Coppola, Takeshi Kitano, Wes Anderson, Lars von Trier, Robert De Niro, and Ridley Scott, all expound on what Bergman meant to them.