Notes in the Margins: Gainful employment, paid gap years and the SAT decline

Are American students grossly unprepared for college? It has become a common refrain from school reformers that a very large percentage of high school graduates must take remedial classes when they get to college. Are they right? (The Washington Post)

Very Minor Changes to Department of Education’s ‘Gainful Employment’ Rule As a result of the proposed change former students will no longer be measured by how many of them are paying back their loans. The new standard would measure the schools based on how many of them are having trouble paying back their loans. (Washington Monthly)

SAT usage declined in 29 states over 7 years The College Board aims to start a national crusade for college access with a revamp of its SAT admission test to debut in 2016. But the nonprofit organization faces a major hurdle in its quest: Use of the SAT has shrunk in huge swaths of the country since the test’s last makeover nine years ago. (The Washington Post) 

Colleges Are Tested by Push to Prove Graduates' Career Success Schools Cite Hurdles in Measuring How Ex-Students Do in the Job Market (The Wall Street Journal)

Tufts University will pay students to take a gap year  A new gap year program at Tufts University hopes to remove financial barriers that keep students from lower income families from taking a structured, program-filled year off after high school. Students will engage in full-time national or international service before starting their studies. (USA Today)

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