Gates foundation eyes MnSCU

Looks like MnSCU's Charting the Future plan caught the eye of the Gates Foundation.

Got this announcement today:

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities has been selected by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to join a nationwide group of higher education systems learning about higher education transformation at a system level and solving collective issues the systems encounter along the way.

Steven Rosenstone, chancellor of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, called the invitation for MnSCU to participate in this vital national initiative “a tremendous honor.”

“When we submitted our proposal to the Gates Foundation,” said Rosenstone, “we were very proud to describe our three commitments to the students, families, and communities of Minnesota: to ensure access to an extraordinary education for all Minnesotans; be the partner of choice to meet Minnesota’s workforce and community needs; and deliver the highest value/most affordable higher education option.  We also shared the six priorities for transforming our colleges and universities that emerged in Charting the Future, the work of students, faculty, and staff. These priorities will help us improve access, increase affordability and enhance student success, especially for our state’s fastest growing populations – communities of color, first generation Minnesotans, and families of modest financial means.

“We know how competitive the selection process was, so we are gratified that the priorities we brought forth allowed us to be selected for this national effort.  We look forward to sharing the knowledge we have gained through our own efforts as well as learning from other innovative state systems that face challenges similar to our own,” Rosenstone said.

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