Kaler warns hockey fans: Ruckus bystanders may be held accountable

Following last night's Dinkytown hockey mayhem, University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler is sending this warning to students ahead of Saturday's championship match against Union College:

Let  me  be  clear:  Just  being  present  and  watching  a  riot  is,  in  itself,  a  violation  of  the  Student  Conduct  Code.  Bystanders  are  equally  at  risk  of  being  held  accountable.  If  you  are  present  following  the  game,  and  it  seems  like  things  may  be  getting  out  of  hand,  it’s  best  for  you  and  your  friends  to  leave.  In  this  era  of  social  media,  no  one  is  anonymous.

The full email is below:


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