CEO: The U needs to enforce a rigorous education

CEO Howard Root of Vascular Solutions writes in the Star Tribune how disappointed he was in many of the transcripts submitted by recent University of Minnesota graduates applying to his company's MedDevice Associate program.

Too many, Root writes, had courses that appeared to him to be easy A's. And the "lack of substantive learning" among many college grads, he says, might be a factor behind the high underemployment of recent grads.

He writes:

The solution is for the university to return to the traditions of a liberal arts education with a required undergraduate curriculum of substantive courses in science, math, literature, composition and speech that requires a student to learn how to learn. That curriculum would prepare its graduates with the skills necessary to qualify for college-degree-required jobs like Vascular Solutions’ and begin to earn a financial return on their expensive college education.

You can read the full commentary here.

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