Art Hounds: Climbing Poetree, Hitchcock, and a young black man’s strange journey

This week, Raves for a Brooklyn spoken word duo, the master of suspense on the big screen, and a musical about a young African American man's search for identity.

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Documentarian Veronica Ochoa got chills down her spine when she went to see "Passing Strange" at Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis. Veronica says the musical, about a young black man who breaks away from his strict, Baptist upbringing, is full of wonderful songs delivered marvelously by a talented cast.

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Jenny Jones

The way to experience the movies of legendary director Alfred Hitchcock, says Textile Center Marketing Director Jenny Jones, is in a big theater with a lot of people. Jenny is thankful for the Minneapolis Hitchcock Festival, which features many of Hitchcock's rare and seldom seen films. The festival is organized by the Trylon Micocinema and is being screened at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis through May 19.


Minneapolis musician and songwriter Chastity Brown says the Brooklyn-based spoken word duo "Climbing Poetree" has the ability to change how you view the world. "Climbing Poetree" will be at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis on May 3 & 4, at 8pm.

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