Notes: Troop loans, study abroad and the housing market

As Study Abroad Reaches New Highs, Some Are Being Left Out  Blacks — who make up 13 percent of all students — account for 5 percent of Americans who study abroad, and Hispanics 7.5 percent, compared to their 11 percent share of enrollment overall. (Washington Monthly)

Students need an education in sexual assault – before collegeThat's an education that needs to start before college, because studies show that freshmen and sophomores are more likely than older students to be involved in what researchers call "sexually coercive experiences." (Los Angeles Times) Sallie Mae to Pay Fine Over Loans to Troops The Justice Department said that beginning in 2005, the companies failed to cap interest on loans to military personnel at 6 percent — a ceiling they are entitled to as part of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. The department also asserted that the companies improperly obtained default judgments against service members. (The New York Times) With Free Web Courses, Wharton Seeks Edge in Traditional Programs The school is still learning how best to translate its on-campus offerings to the Web, but officials say the venture has already strengthened the brand and delivered an edge over competitors in an area that could ultimately upend traditional M.B.A. programs. For now, other B-schools aren't moving into MOOCs with quite the same enthusiasm. (The Wall Street Journal) Are Student Loans Really Killing the Housing Market? It's obvious: Student debt is crushing demand for homes. So, why doesn't the realtor data show it? (The Atlantic)

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