Craft beer tap rooms to open their doors on Sundays

Craft beer tap rooms in Minnesota will now be able to open their doors on Sundays under legislation DFL Governor Mark Dayton signed into law.

Those establishments must still get authorization from the local municipality for Sunday hours.

DFL Senator Roger Reinert of Duluth tried unsuccessfully to pass a much more expansive Sunday sales law this year. He said the tap room provision is a step in the right direction. But he's not giving up on trying to do more, he said.

"At a minimum, I would like to see some parity across the micro industry. We currently have Sunday sales with vineyards being able to sell up to 12 bottles on a Sunday. So, I think brewers and now micro distillers ought to have the same ability to not only sell seven days a week but to sell a comparable about."

Another small step made this session allows customers to fill a growler at any brewery or tap room, Reinert said. But Sunday sales of growlers are still banned.

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