Photos: Coming ashore on D-Day, 1944

1 6th June 1944: American soldiers on a landing craft on their way to the Normandy beaches, during the invasion of Europe. 
Climbing Aboard
2 7th June 1944: American soldiers climbing aboard a landing craft before the D-Day landings. 
Troops Landing
3 7th June 1944: American assault troops and equipment landing on Omaha beach on the Northern coast of France, the smoke in the background is from naval gunfire supporting the attack. 
Rescue Effort
4 14th June 1944: American soldiers waist deep in water with a lifeline helping to rescue other Americans from a sinking landing craft which was hit by enemy fire during the landings of the North Coast in France. 
No Time To Paddle
5 6th June 1944: US Assault Troops seen here landing on Omaha beach during the Invasion of Normandy. 
6 6th June 1944: American assault troops wading ashore on Omaha beachhead in Normandy. 
American Dead
7 June 1944: The bodies of American soldiers lie on the ground in Normandy, France, awaiting burial, following the D-Day Allied invasion. 
Normandy Troops
8 14th June 1944: Reinforcements disembark from a landing craft, aboard a Bren Gun Carrier newly arrived in Normandy from Britain.