Off to the (turkey) races at Pelican Fest

One of the racing turkeys
1 One of the racing turkeys 
Pelicans await the festival
2 Pelicans await the festival 
Helping set up for Pelican Fest
3 Helping set up for Pelican Fest 
Turkey race trophies await the winners.
4 Turkey race trophies await the winners. 
5 Noisemakers 
Checking out the racers
6 Checking out the racers 
The starting line
7 The starting line 
The race begins
8 The race begins 
Encouraging the racers
9 Encouraging the racers 
Turkey walk
10 Turkey walk 
Bingo ahead
11 Bingo ahead 
Bingo at Pelican Fest
12 Bingo at Pelican Fest 
Calling bingo
13 Calling bingo 
Playing bingo with family
14 Playing bingo with family 
Ice cream social
15 Ice cream social 
Bean bag game
16 Bean bag game 
Turkey feather
17 Turkey feather 
Pelican Pete
18 Pelican Pete