MNsure's top 2 priorities, according to CEO Leitz

Scott Leitz
Scott Leitz, CEO of MNSure, March 31, 2014.
Ann Heisenfelt/AP

An independent consultant hired by the state found no serious security problems with MNsure's website.

But the firm, Deloitte Consulting, faulted the state health insurance exchange for being technologically complex and confusing to its users.

MNsure CEO Scott Leitz joined The Daily Circuit to talk about how the exchange is preparing for its second open enrollment season.

Leitz's two biggest priorities for MNsure:

1.People need to be able to use the website to add family members to their coverage:

"Adding functionality for what are called 'life events.' This would be a situation where a person has enrolled through exchange but has a change in their circumstance. Maybe they have a baby. They get married. So they want to add coverage for that individual.

You talked about some of the functionalities that we should have had. This is one that we should have had in the base functionality of the system. But it was never built into the system. And so right now, it is a manual process that we have to add people in when that occurs.

We need to have that electronically. That needs to be a function that people are able to go in and to be able to add. That is a key functionality that we need to have for fall open enrollment."

Minnesotans need to be able to use the website to easily renew their current coverage:

"Last year it was all new people coming in. So it was people enrolling for the first time through MNSure. This year is a little different because we actually have people right now enrolled through MNSure... they'll actually be renewing into their product. And we need to make sure that that process is a smooth one (through the website) for individuals because the continuity of their coverage is going to depend on that."

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