The latest on Minnesota's new medical marijuana program

Medical marijuana oil
In this Feb. 7, 2014 file photo, Aileen Burger loads an oral syringe with cannabis-infused oil used to treat her 4-year-old daughter Elizabeth, who suffers from severe epilepsy, at her home in Colorado Springs, Colo.
Brennan Linsley/AP

The medical marijuana task force appointed by Gov. Mark Dayton met for the first time Thursday. The 23-member Task Force on Medical Cannabis Therapeutic Research includes legislators, health care experts, law enforcement officials and substance abuse experts.

It also includes potential users of state-sanctioned marijuana -- people diagnosed with certain medical conditions. The group will play a role in guiding Minnesota policy on medical marijuana.

Sen. Scott Dibble, DFL- Minneapolis, is the co-chair of the task force. He joins The Daily Circuit along with two others to give us an update on the state's plan and what this task force will accomplish.

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