Podcast: Pop Till We Drop, episode 3

A picture taken on October 23, 2012 shows the screen of a blackberry phone featuring the logo of micro-blogging site Twitter.
Fred Tanneau/AFP/Getty Images

In this episode of "Pop Till We Drop," recorded earlier this summer, Alex's faith in social media is restored when he learns to harness the power of the hashtag in his new marketing job -- which leads to a discussion of hashtag and Twitter protocol, and how some hashtags may have actually improved society.

Tess brings millennials' obsession with the 90s to the conversation. Marketers and retailers are stoking the fire, and the fervor has led some 20-somethings to raid their parents' closets for their old Doc Martens and plaid shirts.

Shelby talks about the slew of so-called Cli-Fi including "Godzilla" and "Noah," in which climate change is the enemy. Do they signify an acceptance of the reality of climate change, or denial of it? And do these movies propose any solutions?

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