Nancy Crocker on 'Seeing America'

'Seeing America'
'Seeing America' by Nancy Crocker
Book cover courtesy of publisher

Twin Cities author Nancy Crocker's book "Seeing America" tells the story of three young men who in 1910 board a Model T Ford and begin driving to Yellowstone.

The car is owned by Paul Bricken, who is 19 and blind. Part of the bargain is his traveling companions have to describe what they see as they travel.

What the boys don't know as they launch on their adventure is the nation is about to become swept up in racial tension as a result of a prize fight for the heavyweight championship between Jack Johnson and Jim Jeffries.

"Seeing America" is a carefully researched piece of historical fiction which reveals how primitive life was sometimes in the prairie states during the early 20th century, but how the rapidly society was changing.

Crocker will read at Birchbark Books on Sunday September 28th at 2pm.