Jon Stewart mocks #pointergate story on The Daily Show

When #pointergate erupted last week many wondered what Jon Stewart would do with it on The Daily Show. Here's the answer (caution: strong language).

Stewart joined the #pointergate discussion Wednesday night and lampooned KSTP's dubious report that Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges flashed a gang sign while doing get-out-the-vote activities.

Stewart is the highest profile person to mock the KSTP report — a report that the TV station defends.

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In the bit Stewart shows the photo of Hodges pointing with a fellow canvasser and then followed up with a picture of Stephen Colbert "flashing" the same gesture. Stewart screams in feigned disbelief, "All this time, I've been the lead-in for a notorious gang member!"

Stewart then found fertile comedic ground in Minneapolis police union leader John Delmonico's response to the possibility that the photo depicts two innocent people pointing at each other.

He plays the clip of Delmonico saying, "She's been around long enough, she knows better."

Stewart then impersonated Delmonico with a voice he typically reserves for New Jersey thugs and mafia bosses. "She's held elected office since 2005, where as pointing as a gesture only goes back to literally the first form of human communication." A photo of a baby pointing emerges on the screen. Stewart warns, "Do not encourage Notorious Gangster Huggie D!"