'My Brilliant Friend' is Kerri's book pick

'My Brilliant Friend' by Elena Ferrante
'My Brilliant Friend' by Elena Ferrante
Book cover courtesy of publisher

Kerri's book pick this week is Elena Ferrante's "My Brilliant Friend." It's the first in a series of novels about the lifelong relationship between two women in Naples, Italy.

From The New Yorker:

As soon as you read her fiction, Ferrante's restraint seems wisely self-protective. Her novels are intensely, violently personal, and because of this they seem to dangle bristling key chains of confession before the unsuspecting reader.

Little is known about the author herself. "Elena Ferrante" is widely assumed to be a pen name and she has never made a public appearance. The only interviews she has given have been in writing.

In Italy, theories abound about her true identity: is it another well-known author? Is more than one writer behind the books?

There may never be an answer, but "My Brilliant Friend" is only the beginning. Two more books are scheduled in the series.

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