Warrior Nation: A History of the Red Lake Ojibwe

Anton Treuer
Anton Treuer, professor of Ojibwe at Bemidji State University, the author of nine books, and the editor of the only academic journal of the Objiwe language.
Photo courtesy of Anton Treuer

The Red Lake Nation is unique among reservations in Minnesota — and a new book by Ojibwe historian and author Anton Treuer tells the story. Treuer obtained access to archives and collected oral histories of elders in order to tell a story that covers four centuries.

Anton Treuer joined MPR News with Tom Weber Monday to talk about the book — Warrior Nation: A History of the Red Lake Ojibwe. They started off the conversation by talking about the uniqueness of Red Lake compared to all other reservations in the state.

Treuer, who is also a Bemidji State University Professor of Ojibwe, will discuss his new book Tuesday Oct. 20 at the Minnesota History Center.

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