Mpls. delays action on paid sick time proposal

The Minneapolis City Council voted Friday to delay action on a proposed paid sick time measure until next year over the objections of groups representing low-wage workers.

The council also removed from its agenda a fair scheduling ordinance that would have required city businesses to compensate workers for any unexpected scheduling changes, a plan very unpopular with business owners.

Council Member Lisa Bender voted against taking the two measures off the table, and said the city isn't listening to workers who need these measures.

"The woman who stood outside at city hall and said, 'I lost my job because my sister had my kids and she got called into her job at the last minute and she had no choice. So she had to call me at my job and I left, because what am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do with my children in this moment?' As a mother, I don't know what she's supposed to do. So she left her job."

But other council members said the city needs more time to find consensus on the issue. Member Linea Palmisano said the city shouldn't jump into new regulations without studying the matter further.

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