Conversation: In search of a vegetarian diet

Fresh vegetables from Loon Organics
Fresh vegetables from Loon Organics
Jennifer Simonson | MPR News file

"There isn't a single recipe for meat that I have that doesn't include a vegetable to enhance the flavor," chef Lenny Russo told Miller. "Meat is in your mouth, and that is it. Vegetables are a completely different thing. There are so many nuances in the flavors."

Be sure to read some of the wisdom shared by the vegetarians and vegans that commented on our live page.

This conversation builds upon a previous discussion of the WHO report that calls processed meat carcinogenic.

Victoria Jarzabkowski, Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Program Coordinator at University of Texas-Austin; Lenny Russo, Restaurateur, chef, and owner of Heartland Restaurant and Wine Bar join MPR News with Kerri Miller for a conversation about eating veggies well.

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