Group unveils undercover video from Minnesota slaughterhouse

Updated: 5:19 p.m. | Posted: 1:42 p.m.

An animal welfare group has released an undercover video that it says shows cruel treatment of pigs at a Minnesota slaughterhouse that supplies Hormel Foods Corp.

Compassion Over Killing says the video from a Quality Pork Processors plant in Austin shows workers taking inhumane shortcuts to keep slaughter lines moving.

U.S. Department of Agriculture spokesman Adam Tarr says the actions depicted in the video are "completely unacceptable." He says the agency will aggressively investigate and take appropriate action if it verifies the video's authenticity.

But the agency disputes the group's claim that a faster inspection system being tried at plant is to blame. It says that system is being used only farther down the production line.

Nate Jensen is vice president of human resources at Quality Pork Processors. He says the company is disappointed that workers shown in the video did not appear to follow company policies requiring the humane treatment of animals.

Jensen says two employees were given written warnings and ordered to undergo retraining.

He also says the company is working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and will review the full video and take any additional corrective actions that are warranted.

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