Are your pipes made of lead? Here's a quick way to find out

A section of lead pipe from St.Paul water system.
A old section of lead pipe pulled from the St.Paul water system is an example of the lead pipe system that is being replaced by copper pipe due to concerns about lead posing a threat to children.
Judy Griesedieck for MPR News

The Flint water crisis highlighted the risk of lead pipes to drinking water across the U.S. Lead pipes are part of a widespread, old infrastructure that largely goes unseen.

NPR app to find lead pipes in your home
A screenshot of the NPR Web tool to help us build a map of where lead pipes could be affecting people's drinking water.
Screengrab from NPR

It takes a combination of municipal utility infrastructure and home plumbing for water to reach the faucet. NPR built an app to help navigate the water systems in a home.

Follow the link to explore:

NPR: Find lead pipes in your home

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