Photos: Family, friends mourn Philando Castile

Funeral for Philando Castile
1 Family and friends watch as Philando Castile's casket is lifted onto the carriage at Brooks Funeral Home in St. Paul before his funeral on Thursday. 
Procession for Philando Castile
2 Family and friends help carry Castile's casket outside Brooks Funeral Home. 
Funeral for Philando Castile
3 Family and friends raise their fists for Castile and shout "Hail to the King!" at the funeral home. 
Mourners embrace
4 Mourners embrace outside of the funeral home. 
Philando Castile funeral procession
5 The funeral procession makes its way to the cathedral. Valerie Castile says her son would have turned 33 on Saturday. 
Procession outside Philando Castile's funeral
6 The horse-drawn carriage carrying Philando Castile's casket, followed by mourners, makes its way to the Cathedral of St. Paul. 
Procession outside Philando Castile's funeral
7 Family and friends walk in the funeral procession. 
The procession heads down Concordia Avenue
8 St. Paul police lead the funeral procession through the Rondo neighborhood. 
Mourners walk down Concordia Avenue
9 Mourners hold hands as they walk with the funeral procession down Concordia Avenue. 
Procession outside Philando Castile's funeral
10 The horse-drawn carriage carrying Castile's casket nears the cathedral. 
Procession outside Philando Castile's funeral
11 People enter the Cathedral of St. Paul before the visitation begins. 
Diamond Reynolds' daughter holds her hand
12 Diamond Reynolds' daughter, Dae'Anna, holds her mother's hand before heading into Castile's funeral. 
Funeral of Philando Castile
13 Mourners comfort each other outside the cathedral. 
Funeral for Philando Castile
14 Mourners comfort Diamond Reynolds, Castile's girlfriend, outside his visitation and funeral. Reynolds streamed the aftermath of the shooting on Facebook Live. 
Funeral for Philando Castile
15 Flowers are laid on Castile's casket after his funeral service. 
Funeral for Philando Castile
16 A crowd gathers outside the Cathedral of St. Paul as pallbearers dressed in white bring Castile's casket down the cathedral steps. 
Funeral attendants line the steps.
17 Funeral attendants hold up signs reading "Unite for Philando" on the steps of cathedral. 
Pallbearers walk down Selby Ave.
18 Family, friends and pallbearers raise their fists as they walk past the cathedral after the funeral. 
Funeral for Philando Castile
19 T-shirts that read "#PhilandoCastile" are handed out to people at an outdoor picnic held for friends and family at J.J. Hill Montessori School. 
Funeral for Philando Castile
20 Castile's family carries a painting of him at the picnic. 
The flag outside J.J. Hill flies at half staff.
21 The flag outside J.J. Hill Montessori flies at half staff. 
Funeral for Philando Castile
22 A woman comforts another mourner at the picnic.