What's next for Minnesota's Sex Offender Program?

Minn. Sex Offender Program high-security facility
This file photo shows the Minnesota Sex Offender Program's high-security facility in Moose Lake, Minn.
Martiga Lohn | AP 2010

It's been more than a year now since a federal judge ruled it's unconstitutional for Minnesota to keep civilly committed sex offenders locked up indefinitely. That ruling set the stage for major changes to the Minnesota Sex Offender Program. But what has come of it?

MSOP has been in the news again this month, as a young man was cleared for release from the program. He'd be the first person ever released unconditionally. Meanwhile, an appeals court is expected to rule soon on the state's appeal to the Donovan Frank decision.

Eric Janus teaches at Mitchell Hamline School of Law and was president of dean of William Mitchell College of Law before the two schools merged. He joined MPR News host Tom Weber to discuss the future of the state's sex offender program.

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