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Virtual reality's potential draws a crowd in Twin Cities

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Paul Eckhardt demos his latest work
Paul Eckhardt demos his latest work in Virtual Reality at the Minnesota VR Meet-Up.
Max Nesterak | MPR News

Google, Samsung, Facebook and other global companies are investing heavily in virtual reality, but there's also a lot of innovation happening among independent developers.

      In Minneapolis, some 60 developers, enthusiasts and talent scouts meet monthly to share their ideas and expertise on virtual reality, a technology that retailers, event planners and real estate agents hope will lure new clients. The next gathering is tonight.  

    While those at the meet-ups are certain the golden age of VR is right around the corner, there are a few wrinkles that make it difficult to design for the public. For one, the motion sickness it can cause: VR sickness.    

  "I've gotten super sick," said Paul Eckhardt, a local independent developer. "The worst I ever got was when I was flying a couch over some treetops. It was my couch, and it looked cool that I was flying. But I got so sick that I got out. I went to sleep for an hour, and when I woke up and I was still sick."