Anti-Trump protesters stop Green Line train in St. Paul

Love, hope, rise
One driver passed protesters carrying a sign that reads, "Love, Hope, Rise," as some frustrated at the election of Donald Trump for president march through St. Paul Wednesday evening.
Christopher Juhn for MPR News

About 200 people marched through St. Paul on Wednesday night in protest of Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election.

The rally joined several others in major cities across the country.

In St. Paul, protesters gathered in front of the state Capitol around 6 p.m.

It started small, with fewer than 75 people in attendance, chatting with each other as raps by Public Enemy blasted from a car stereo.

The crowd grew as the night went on, and it eventually got down to the Green Line light rail tracks and halted trains temporarily.

Most of the protests around the country were peaceful, except for in Oakland, Calif., the Associated Press reported, where protesters started fires in trash cans and broke windows in the city's downtown.