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Senator wants to push female genital mutilation bill to next session

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The Minnesota Senate sponsor of a bill that cracks down on parents who allow the female genital mutilation of a child wants to wait until next session to take up the measure.

Republican Senator Karin Housley of St. Mary's Point said she's heard a lot of concerns about the bill, which creates a new felony and allows for parents to lose custody of a child. 

The House recently passed the measure by an overwhelming margin. But Housley said the bill moved too fast and has unresolved issues.

"When I was asked to author the bill in the Senate, it was under the understanding that we would be hearing it next year," said Housley. "It did miss all the deadlines, and then to see how it was rushed through over in the House, I think there were a lot of things that were missed."

Housley said the biggest complaint she's heard is the bill makes it too easy to remove children from their home.

"I want to make sure, and we all want to make sure that we get it done right," said Housley.