Before you go, take a tour of the revamped Sculpture Garden's sights and sounds

Theaster Gates, 'Black Vessel for a Saint'
1 Listen Theaster Gates, "Black Vessel for a Saint:" Using repurposed materials, the Chicago-based Theaster Gates created a piece that he intends as a secular but sacred space. 
Robert Indiana, 'LOVE'
2 Listen Robert Indiana, "LOVE:" If Robert Indiana's iconic "Love" looks familiar, it should. It's been produced and reproduced in a variety of styles since he created it in the 1960s. 
Aaron Spangler, 'Bog Walker'
3 Listen Aaron Spangler, "Bog Walker:" Spangler, who works in a studio outside Park Rapids, Minn., created his first bronze on commission for the Sculpture Garden. More: Sculpture Garden piece gives Park Rapids artist a boost 
Eva Rothschild, 'Empire'
4 Listen Eva Rothschild, "Empire:" The Irish artist Eva Rothschild's first public commission in the United States is meant to be viewed from a variety of perspectives, including from underneath. 
Katharina Fritsch, 'Hahn/Cock'
5 Listen Katharina Fritsch, "Hahn/Cock:" German artist Fritsch wanted to poke fun at the masculine nature of much public sculpture. More: Meet the artist behind the big blue rooster 
Liz Larner, 'X'
6 Listen Liz Larner, "X:" Larner, from Los Angeles, fashioned her "X" using digital imaging and stainless steel. 
Gary Hume, 'Back of a Snowman'
7 Listen Gary Hume, "Back of a Snowman:" Hume, from the United Kingdom, has been quoted as saying the snowman form is the "perfect sculpture" because of its roundness. 
Matthew Monahan, 'Hephaestus'
8 Listen Matthew Monahan, "Hephaestus:" The Los Angeles-based Monahan has created a 12-foot version of the Greek god of fire. 
Kcho, 'La soledad' ('The Loneliness')
9 Listen Kcho's "La soledad" ("The Loneliness"): The Havana-based Kcho uses found objects to create sculpture that he then casts in bronze. 
Tony Cragg, 'Level Head'
10 Listen Tony Cragg, "Level Head:" The U.K.-based artist's bronze explores features of the human face. 
Mark Manders, 'September Room'
11 Listen Mark Mander, "September Room (Room with Two Reclining Figures and Composition with Long Verticals):" The Dutch Manders has created pieces that appear to be made of clay, but are fabricated in metal. 
Kiki Smith, 'Rapture'
12 Listen Kiki Smith, "Rapture:" The German-born Smith, now based in the United States, created a woman stepping from the body of a wolf. 
Monika Sosnowska, 'Untitled (gate)'
13 Listen Monika Sosnowska, "Untitled (gate):" Sosnowska, a Polish artist, created her sculpture after being inspired by a gate that protected the window of a retail store in Warsaw.