Photos: Minneapolis mayoral candidates are a diverse crowd

Minneapolis mayoral candidate Raymond Dehn
1 Raymond Dehn. Age: 59. Born: North Minneapolis. Party: DFL. Photographed at North High School. Raymond Dehn was an architect who shifted to politics after becoming a self-described "casualty" of the recession. Before studying architecture, he battled substance abuse and turned to burglary to support his habit. Arrested and convicted in 1976, he sees his incarceration as a turning point in his life, propelling him to sober up and pursue education. "If you keep your highs low and your lows higher, life tends to be a bit easier to deal with." 
Minneapolis mayoral candidate Al Flowers
2 Al Flowers. Age: 58. Born: Chicago, Ill. Party: DFL. Photographed at Sabathani Community Center. Two years ago, Al Flowers lost a daughter to gun violence. Born and raised in Chicago, Flowers picked up what he calls his "common sense approach" after three decades of living in south Minneapolis. As a full-time community organizer, he said he does what he can to keep the city's youth away from drugs and violence. "Nobody wants to talk about what we are doing to ourselves in the black community, so I think it's important to get the city behind a gun violence initiative." 
Minneapolis mayoral candidate Jacob Frey
3 Jacob Frey. Age: 35. Born: Alexandria, Va. Party: DFL. Photographed at his northeast Minneapolis apartment. Jacob Frey ran through Minneapolis before he ran for office. Finishing with a 2:20:09 time in the 2006 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon qualified him to represent the United States in the 2007 Pan American Games in Brazil and, later, the 2008 Olympic trials. Now running takes a backseat to politics, but Frey still prefers to get around the city on his own two feet, especially the parks and green spaces he's made a priority during his one City Council term. 
Minneapolis mayoral candidate Tom Hoch
4 Tom Hoch. Age: 62. Born: Minneapolis. Party: DFL. Photographed in a garden at his home on Lake of the Isles. Tom Hoch grew up in south Minneapolis in a big house at a time when "you had a big house because you had a big family." He lives now with his husband, Mark, at their home near Lake of the Isles. Hoch left his position as CEO of the Hennepin Theater Trust in January to pursue the mayor's office. He cites his experience with organizations ranging from the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority to the Animal Humane Society as a reason he should lead Minneapolis. "I know a lot about this city." 
Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges
5 Betsy Hodges. Age: 47. Born: Plymouth. Party: DFL. Photographed at Urban Bean Coffee on Lake Street. The incumbent mayor, Betsy Hodges runs on decaf coffee. She represented Ward 13 for two terms on the Minneapolis City Council before being elected mayor in 2013. She has been married for six years to her husband, Gary Cunningham, who represents District 7 on the Metropolitan Council. Frequently found biking on the Midtown Greenway, Hodges is fond of the Lyn-Lake area, where Cunningham has lived for 30 years. "I love this neighborhood, I can just bike or walk anywhere." 
Minneapolis mayoral candidate Jonathan Honerbrink
6 Jonathan Honerbrink. Age: 38. Born: North Minneapolis. Party: GOP. Photographed at North Commons Park. The only Republican running for mayor of Minneapolis, Honerbrink entered politics after working around the country in a corporate position at Home Depot. Raised in north Minneapolis, he coaches football and basketball at the same community centers he played in as a child. He emphasizes accessible education and more public gathering spaces as key to bringing Minneapolis together. "Once we get community centers, you'll see a huge change." 
Minneapolis mayoral candidate Nekima Levy-Pounds
7 Nekima Levy-Pounds. Age: 41. Born: Jackson, Miss. Party: DFL (not seeking endorsement). Photographed at Sammy's Avenue Cafe, north Minneapolis. "My first impression was that Minneapolis was a city on the rise," Nekima Levy-Pounds recalls of arriving in the city in 2003, taking a position at the University of St. Thomas School of Law. Born in Mississippi, she's lived across the country -- Los Angeles as a child, Michigan for boarding school, college in California and Illinois for graduate school. Now residing in north Minneapolis, Levy-Pounds hopes to increase connectivity between north side and the rest of the city. "I've always had a heart and a passion for the inner city." 
Minneapolis mayoral candidate Aswar Rahman
8 Aswar Rahman. Age: 23. Born: Dhaka, Bangladesh. Party: DFL. Photographed at Crescent Moon Bakery on Central Avenue. The youngest candidate running for mayor of Minneapolis, Aswar Rahman said he couldn't find a reason not to run. "I'll look back and think, well, there goes four more years of wasted opportunity." He grew up working in his mother's import clothing store on Central Avenue in northeast Minneapolis before studying history at the University of Minnesota, becoming an actor and filmmaker. 
Minneapolis mayoral candidate Captain Jack Sparrow
9 Captain Jack Sparrow. Age: 66. Born: Aitkin, Minn. Party: DFL. Photographed at Soup for You Cafe in Seward. A longtime activist, Captain Jack Sparrow has never seen Pirates of the Caribbean. "It was the best costume available in the costume store," Sparrow said of the day he took on the moniker after being arrested in the getup delivering a petition to the president of U.S. Bank in 2012. Outside of activism, Sparrow, known previously as Charles David Viebahn, has worked for co-ops and written for different newspapers, but the fight to eliminate poverty and homelessness has been his longtime mission.