Photos: 'Everything is rideable' when the X Games take Minneapolis

Construction continues before the X Games.
1 Inside the stadium, it's still a construction zone Monday as workers haul dirt for a Moto X course. 
Rich Bigge shows off the Street Course.
2 "This isn't stuff you can buy at Home Depot," X Games director of sports and competition, operations and logistics Rich Bigge said while grasping the concrete lip of a pool inside the street course section of the X Games park. 
Heavy machinery and dirt fill U.S. Bank Stadium.
3 Heavy machinery roams the dirt-covered floor of U.S. Bank Stadium four days before the kickoff. 
The Mega Ramp towers over the X Games park.
4 Bigge said an 82-foot-tall ramp for skateboarding and BMX bikes is an event signature. "Every year we're still seeing new tricks being pulled. In the skating world and BMX world when you get to see new tricks, that's a really big deal," he said. 
Workers spray paint a rail.
5 Two California Ramp Works crew members spray paint a rail in the X Games park. Seats for spectators come right up to the edge of the course. 
A BMX bike leans on a quarter pipe.
6 Construction workers smooth concrete while a BMX bike leans on the quarter pipe, which follows the big ramp. "You think you're done, and then you look up and you have a 27-foot-high quarter pipe to still do a trick off of," Bigge said.