Photos: Our Floridian intern falls in love with the State Fair

Pigs on snapchat and on camera.
1 Many fairgoers seem to have a fascination with pigs, taking photos of the pigs and petting them in the swine barn. 
One of the butter princesses is being carved in the Dairy Building.
2 The butter princess was one of the many sights that drew a crowd inside the Dairy Building. Made from 90-pound blocks of butter, the heads sit in a rotating cooler. 
Sophia Nelson tries on bracelets with her mom.
3 Sophia Nelson, 5, is attracted to a blue dream catcher bracelet that she really wants her mom to buy for her. Nelson looks at other options, but sticks with this one in the end. 
A reflection of the State Fair.
4 In front of a food truck, the reflection of the State Fair shows the variety of things that happen in a day of fun. 
Cows are prepped for competition.
5 Cows are prepped for competition, beginning their grooming, milking, and hair drying for the judges later that day. 
Carnival games become a competitive activity.
6 Carnival games at the State Fair can break families apart, jokingly, as each family member tries to get a ball into the glasses to win a plush toy. 
A sketch artist draws a rooster in the poultry barn.
7 Out of all the ducks, chickens, and roosters, a sketch artist decides on the perfect model for her masterpiece. 
Inside a Bolivian merchandise store, a woman tries and alpaca hat.
8 A woman poses with a Bolivian-made alpaca hat. All profits from the merchandise bought go back to the community in Bolivia that makes the products. 
Fairgoers look at ATVs and riding lawn mowers.
9 Fairgoers look at ATVs and riding lawn mowers on Machinery Hill. 
Efrain Ortiz comes from California to sell Mexican products at the fair.
10 Efrain Ortiz has been coming to the fair for over 40 years. He lives in California, and every year during the fair, Ortiz loads his merchandise into a truck and drives 36 hours to the Midwest. 
Fairgoers watch cows passing through the cattle barn.
11 Fairgoers watch cows passing through the cattle barn. 
On a sunny Wednesday, the Big Wheel opened up for the media.
12 The largest portable ferris wheel in North America is up and running this year at the Minnesota State Fair. 
A sheep gets sheared during the State Fair.
13 A sheep gets sheared at the fair. 
Jenelle Nelson looks at different bracelets to buy.
14 Jenelle Nelson says her favorite spot at the State Fair is the International Bazaar. The Bolivian store caught her attention with its colors — and a bag that she was drawn to. Nelson started coming to the fair when she was five, and says it brings her inspiration for her own crafts at home. 
Families begin to get tired as the sun begins to set.
15 Families, especially children, begin to tire as the sun starts to set. 
The high swings is a State Fair classic.
16 The swings at the State Fair pass in front of the sun as it sets on a beautiful Thursday evening.