Somali-American man from Minnesota witnessed bombing

A Somali-American man from Minnesota said he witnessed Saturday's deadly truck bombing in Mogadishu.

The death toll from the blast in Somalia's capital continues to rise. As of Sunday afternoon, government officials reported at least 230 people are dead.

Jibril Afyare is president of the Twin Cities Somali American Citizens League. He said he was in a car in Mogadishu, and on his way to meet relatives, when just blocks away, he heard the blasts.

"The moment that the blast had taken place, I was in a car, a few blocks away, and our vehicle had shaken, the windows, also shattered," said Afyare. "This is a blast I have never, never heard, and I will never forget."

Afyare said he found safety and shelter at a hotel in Mogadishu. He later learned his uncle, and two cousins were killed in the blasts.

"It's horrific," said Afyare. "But this city is very resilient. There were bombings before, but this is the worst of the worst."

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