Facing millions in fines, ex-Children's Theatre teacher said to have fled to Mexico

The former owner of the Varsity Theater and Loring Pasta Bar in Minneapolis faces a $2.5 million judgment for sexually abusing a minor known as Doe 114 in the 1980s.

A Hennepin County judge issued the judgment last week after Jason McLean repeatedly failed to appear in court. Doe 114's attorney, Molly Burke, said McLean has apparently fled to Mexico. Her firm is now pursuing his assets.

McLean recently sold the Varsity and the Loring Pasta Bar.

The judgment is in the first of five civil cases against McLean stemming from his time teaching at Children's Theatre in Minneapolis. The theater is a defendant in the other four cases.

Burke said the judgment is a monetary victory for her client, as well as a vindication of the client's bravery in coming forward with her story.

"And that, for a survivor, is such powerful language to see in black and white," she said. "To see that the court in all of its authority is recognizing that he indeed did harm her and violate her when she was a minor and a young girl and violated Minnesota law."

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