The connection between sleep and mental health

Dr. Michael Howell, director of Fairview Sleep Services in Edina, and Dr. Brent Nelson, the co-director of the Center for Neurotherapeutics, often trade patients.

People see Howell when they're not able to fall asleep and he sends them to Nelson with the understanding that their insomnia might be related to anxiety or depression. And Nelson knows that if his patients aren't getting the sleep they need, their mental health can deteriorate.

The connection between sleep and mental health goes beyond lying awake at night and being groggy and out of sorts the next day. Sleep allows the brain to recover and process thoughts, emotions and memories.

In this segment, the doctors talk about the physical and emotional side effects of lack of sleep and what the brain needs to perform at its best.

Hear their interview with host Tom Weber by using the audio player above.