DFLer describes backlash after accusing senator of harassment

A former Minnesota house candidate is telling her story after facing a backlash for sharing her 'Me Too' moment last year.

Burnsville businesswoman Lindsey Port was one of the people who spoke out about alleged inappropriate behavior by former state Sen. Dan Schoen, D-St. Paul Park.

Schoen resigned from the Minnesota Legislature. And since then, Port says she has lost donors to her campaign and her nonprofit, and was even accused of being paid to take Schoen down.

Port, who like Schoen is a Democrat, suspended her state House campaign earlier this month.

Still, she doesn't regret coming forward.

"I have two little daughters and every day they guide what I do," Port said. "And if doing this right now makes an impact and can help make the change so our daughters don't have to go through these same conversations that our mothers already went through, then it was 100 percent worth it."

To listen to the conversation with Port, click the audio player above.

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