Minnesota's new plan for ending homelessness

Minnesota has announced another new plan to end homelessness in the state. This time by the year 2020. If that sounds familiar it's because Minnesota has had other plans to end homelessness that have not fully panned out.

In this most recent effort, Gov. Mark Dayton proposes spending $115 million to expand affordable housing in this year's Public Works bill. That money would also help fund part of a state government council's plan to end homelessness, called "Heading Home Together." The new 2018-2020 plan focuses on a public, private, and non-profit collaboration.

To bring some detail to how the latest plan would work is Cathy ten Broeke, the State Director to Prevent and End Homelessness.

To listen to Broeke's conversation with MPR News host Steven John, click the audio player above.

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