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Why scientists need empathy

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Amanda Falkstein set up test tubes in the U lab.
Amanda Falkstein, junior scientist, set up a few sample tubes at the University of Minnesota's Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory in St. Paul, Minn., Wednesday, April 8, 2015, in the same process used to test for avian influenza.
Riham Feshir | MPR News file

Science and math training are important for those hoping to work in STEM fields. But what about empathy? Do scientists and engineers need to develop emotional intelligence? 

Three experts weighed in on why empathy may be the "secret sauce" of science. 

Guest 1: Rellen Hardtke - physics professor at UW River Falls

Guest 2: Devavani Chatterjea - associate professor of biology at Macalester College

Guest 3: Doug Dunston - clinical faculty member with the University of St. Thomas School of Engineering

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