Minnesota's premature death rate lowest in the nation

A University of Washington national analysis of premature death, found Minnesota has the lowest rate of what are called "years of life lost," based on data from 1990 to 2016.

University global health professor, Ali Mokdad said living circumstances and lifestyle choices determine premature death rates.

"There are four driving factors; socioeconomic factors, access to health care, insurance and under-insurance, quality of medical care and preventable risk factors such as obesity, smoking and alcohol," Mokdad said.

While Minnesota had the lowest pre-mature death rate, previous studies have identified significant disparities in health outcomes between white and non-white Minnesotans.

Mokdad said Minnesota could further lower its rate of premature death by reducing unhealthy behaviors.

"What Minnesota could do is maintain the great things they are doing in order to improve the health of [state] citizens and improve the risk factors by reducing tobacco, increasing physical activity and eating a healthier diet," Mokdad said.

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