The final 4 loved lakes: Rainy Lake vs. Kabetogama Lake

East Bearskin Lake
We're down to Minnesotans' four most-loved lakes.
Courtesy of Tyler Anderson

We have arrived at Minnesota's final four most-loved lakes, as decided by MPR News readers in thousands of votes over the past three weeks.

In the first round of top four voting, Superior swamped Pepin.

Now, it's Kabetogama vs. Rainy. The winner will take on Superior over the weekend.

Here's how the last round turned out:
• 16,979 votes total
• Lake Superior: 9197 votes
• Lake Pepin: 7782 votes

On April 30, we'll have a champion. With help from the Water Main, we'll host a performance on the shore of the winning lake.

Correction: A previous version of this story included multiple votes from certain IP addresses. Those votes have since been deleted and changed the outcome. Lake Superior received more votes than Lake Pepin.

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