Trump points finger at Ellison's 'I don't believe in borders' T-shirt

President Trump at a rally in Elkhart, Indiana on May 10, 2018.
President Trump pauses as he speaks at the North Side Gymnasium in Elkhart, Ind., Thursday during a campaign rally.
Carolyn Kaster | AP

During a rally in Indiana Thursday, President Trump called out DFL Rep. Keith Ellison for wearing an anti-border T-shirt at a Minneapolis parade just days before.

Ellison, deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, wore a shirt that read "Yo no creo en fronteras" at the MayDay Parade Sunday in south Minneapolis. Translated to English, the shirt says "I do not believe in borders."

The shirt is sold by a Chicano alt-folk band from Los Angeles called Las Cafeteras.

This screenshot shows Keith Ellison at a May Day parade in Minneapolis
This screenshot shows Rep. Keith Ellison at the MayDay Parade in Minneapolis.
Screengrab via YouTube

A video of Ellison at the parade was shared by YouTube account "GOP War Room," which is affiliated with the Republican National Committee.

Trump's brief comments came during an hourlong rally in Elkhart, Ind., to drum up support for Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun. He's running against Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly in the midterm election.

Trump first told the crowd that the United States had the "worst immigration laws in the history of mankind," but said his administration was getting them changed.

"We want to make it quick, so give me some reinforcements, please," he said to applause.

Trump then shifted his comments to Ellison.

"Last week, as an example, the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, Congressman Keith Ellison — you know him — marched in a parade wearing a T-shirt that read, he was very proud of it, 'I do not believe in borders.'"

Trump turned the narrative quickly saying he respected Ellison, reminding the audience that he predicted a Trump win in July 2016 during an ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos.

"In the interview, this was a couple days after I announced. And Keith Ellison said: 'You know he's going to win, don't you?'

"So you can never dislike a guy like that, can you?" Trump said.

Trump was joined by Vice President Mike Pence at the rally, where Trump continued to call for building a wall between the border between Mexico and the southern United States.

Trump declared America "rockin'" as he kicked off a campaign rally where he talked up the economy and his accomplishments, telling the rowdy audience that the "great news keeps rolling in."

He said he did not think "we've ever done better as a country." He says, "We making America proud. We are rockin.'"

Trump warned of the potential consequences of Democratic wins in the midterms in November that threaten to derail his agenda in Congress.

He said he is making strides like never before, but that can disappear if voters elect "fools" into office.

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