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Apprenticeships need industry buy-in to succeed

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The takeaway: Apprenticeships can be a way to earn a living while training, but the labor system in the U.S. isn't set up to help apprenticeships succeed, said Bill Spriggs, professor of economics at Howard University.

General job training doesn't work as well as apprenticeships because it doesn't build the connection between the trainee and the employer.

"It's a little more than one employer thinking it up [to make apprenticeships successful]," he told host Kerri Miller. "It really takes the industry."

Jaci Dukowitz agreed. She's in charge of apprenticeships at Ultra Machining Company in Monticello, Minn. She said it's unrealistic to ask people supporting a family to take four to eight hours a day for education. She asks community colleges with which they partner to offer flexible programming.

"It's quite a dance at times, " she said.

Guests: Bill Spriggs of Howard University and chief economist of the AFL-CIO. Jaci Dukowitz director of human resources, training and development and sales and marketing at Ultra Machining Company.

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