Video: How a bill becomes a law in Minnesota

How does a bill become a law in Minnesota?
There are thousands of bills introduced every session in the Minnesota Legislature. But only some of them pass both chambers, get signed by the governor and become law.
Jiwon Choi | MPR News

The Minnesota Legislature has 134 members of the House and 67 members of the Senate. Every single one of them can author as many bills as they want. And that leads to a lot of bills — thousands.

With the session deadline on May 20, legislators at the Capitol have passed several bills on the House and Senate floors. But not all of them will pass both chambers and be signed by the governor by the deadline.

Then how do some of those bills become law? We explain it while making Rice Krispie treats. (Why Rice Krispie bars? Because someone needs to make them, just like a law. Plus, they're tasty.)

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