APM documentary about Perry Preschool: 'Early Lessons'

Caleb Truax reads to two preschoolers.
Caleb Truax reads to two preschoolers at People Serving People's Minneapolis homeless shelter on Aug. 20, 2018
Gabriel Kwan | MPR News 2018

An American Public Media documentary, "Early Lessons," about the lessons from the Perry Preschool Project.

The Perry Preschool Project is one of the most famous education experiments of the last 60 years.

The study asked a question: Can preschool boost the IQ scores of poor African-American children and prevent them from failing in school?

The surprising results are now challenging widely held notions about what helps people succeed — in school and in life.

New research just out this spring demonstrates the success of the Perry Preschool program has benefits that continue for the next generation.

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