Art Hounds are following a fresh scent

Art Hounds
At 10 years old, these hounds have learned some new tricks.
Courtesy of Akhil Miller

Our Art Hounds feature is turning 10, and that means this is a good time to re-energize our efforts to engage with members of the Minnesota arts community. With that in mind, we are excited to be introducing three updates:

Denzel Belin
Denzel Belin
Evan Frost | MPR News
  • Denzel Belin, who currently serves as MPR’s newsroom coordinator, will also become the Art Hounds ambassador. In that role, he’ll assist in the support and visibility of Art Hounds through social media and other new and innovative projects. Watch for him at this year’s Fringe Festival, where he will be looking for on-the-street Art Hounds to talk about shows that thrill them.

  • Art Hounds is now on Instagram. Looking to expand our conversations on the arts, we will be using the app to share photos and videos that give you a look at what’s happening in the community.

  • Art Hounds is back on Twitter. After taking a brief sabbatical from the site, we are ready to receive all the wonderful tweets, DMs and mentions.

This is all in addition to the Art Hounds that you already know.

As we plan for the future, we would like to hear what you want for the Art Hounds. Feel free to email us at or reach us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Thank you. Stay tuned.

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