Fugitive sentenced to life in prison for murder

Lois Riess, of Blooming Prairie, Minn.
Lois Riess, of Blooming Prairie, Minn.
South Padre Island Police Department via AP

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A Minnesota woman who led authorities on a cross-country manhunt pleaded guilty Tuesday in a Florida courtroom to fatally shooting a woman who prosecutors said was targeted because the two looked alike.

Officials from the Lee County State Attorney's Office said Lois Riess, 57, singled out Pamela Hutchinson because they shared similar features, and because Riess wanted to assume Hutchinson’s identity while on the lam. She was sentenced to life in prison.

Riess garnered national attention before she was captured on April 19, 2018 in Texas.

Riess’ saga began in March of that year, when her husband, 54-year-old David Riess, was found dead at the couple’s Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, home. Lois Riess forged checks to steal $11,000 from her husband’s account, traveled south to Florida and landed in Fort Myers, prosecutors said.

Investigators said surveillance footage showed the two women near Hutchinson’s Fort Myers condo-hotel room on April 4 and April 5. For the next two days, Riess was recorded on surveillance video — at times carrying garbage bags to the parking lot — but Hutchinson wasn’t seen at all.

After killing Hutchinson, Riess made her way to Texas while using Hutchinson’s credit cards and vehicle, police said.

On April 19, 2018, Riess was drinking cocktails at a South Padre Island, Texas, waterfront restaurant when she was arrested by two federal deputy marshals. An employee recognized her from surveillance video broadcast on television.

On Tuesday, Riess pleaded guilty to first-degree murder with a firearm, grand theft of a motor vehicle, grand theft, and criminal use of personal identification information of a deceased individual. Prosecutors withdrew the possibility of the death penalty on the murder charge as part of the plea deal.

Samantha Syoen, the spokeswoman for the State Attorney's Office, wrote in a news release that Hutchinson's family was supportive of the plea agreement because they wanted Riess to be incarcerated for the rest of her days.

“This defendant will never get out of prison,” said State Attorney Amira Fox. “This life sentence also alleviates any appellate issues that could arise and guarantees she will never be free again. It also allows the family of the victim to not have to go through the details of this crime at a trial."

Riess waived extradition Tuesday to face charges in connection with her husband's slaying.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s office is handling the case of David Riess’ death for Dodge County. Ellison said despite Riess' life sentence, it's important that she also face prosecution in the state.

“She may not get more time, but she does need to answer for what she did,” Ellison told MPR News. “And anybody who's had a loved one murdered understands that, all of us understand that. So she will have to face justice here too."

Her son, Braden Riess, said in 2018 that she was a “good lady,” but had her “own demons.”

“Something happened in her brain that made her snap,” he told “Inside Edition” in 2018.

MPR News reporter Kirsti Marohn contributed to this story.

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