The Warming House

EP 1: Twin Cities' mayors team up

A composite image of Melvin Carter and Jacob Frey
Twin City mayors Melvin Carter of St. Paul and Jacob Frey of Minneapolis joined The Warming House for a round of trivia.
Evan Frost | MPR News

Welcome to the Warming House! Your feel-good audio antidote to long winter nights, pandemic-induced isolation and #2020. Segments for our first show included a Twins Trivia collab with Twin Cities' Mayors Jacob Frey and Melvin Carter, a tell-it-like-it-is advice segment with Sanni Brown and a review of two new video game consoles.

This week's cool vinyl pick, by co-host Sean McPherson, was Donny Hathaway. A warm (of course!) and soulful album collection of live club dates from Hathway circa 1972. And somehow Sean and The Purple Current's Sanni Brown got on the topic of dressing up like GI Jane during the relationship advice portion of the show. 

The Silver Lining Story for this show was about an entrepreneurial young woman, Kobi Gregory, who's created a business selling candles to raise money for college. Co-host Nina Moini talked with Kobi and with MPR News' Kyle Shiely in our Binge-O segment. Binge-O is a weekly feature about all the bingeable content we're distracting ourselves with. Kyle, a video game enthusiast, shared his review of the new XBox console and the PS5.

Until next week, stay warm out there!


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