The Warming House

Ep. 8: A pre-Super Bowl, pre-Valentine's Day potluck

Super Bowl party food
We're getting hyped for the Super Bowl in The Warming House this week.
Triple Tri / Creative Commons via Flickr 2012

A confusing Redditor uprising this week resulted in huge losses for a handful of hedge funds and a renaissance for GameStop, the mere mention of which was — for kids of the ‘90s — a nostalgic trip to some familiar stomping grounds. All of this left us in The Warming House waxing nostalgic too about the Before Times, specifically wandering around art museums. (Sigh.) You may have noted this pining during co-host Nina Moini's conversation with artist Tia Keobounpheng about her public installation titled "Unweaving" — part of The Great Northern Festival.

Plants on a table
The sad plant corner of The Warming House.
Tiffany Hanssen | The Warming House

Nina also chatted up Melissa Anderson, owner of The Greenery in the Mill City district of Minneapolis, who gave us the perfect recommendation for would-be plant parents who are prone to killing any and all green things. There's hope!

Co-host Sean McPherson paired up pizza delivery pros for our Twins Trivia collaboration and delivered a rhapsodic monologue on the value of the cow mooing sound-effects coming out of Lee "Scratch" Perry's Black Ark studio back in the early ‘70s. Our sweet vinyl pick for the week was Perry's "The Heart of the Congos" (1977). Sean also added, "At the center of the work is the vocal work of Cedric Myton and Roy Ashanti Johnson. It’s Cedric’s other worldly falsetto that I find the most compelling part of the record."

Our Silver Lining Story this week highlighted two women organizing a massive mask-sewing effort to benefit the patients at Hennepin County Medical Center's ER. And, last but most definitely not least, our "advice-ologist" Sanni Brown underlined the benefits of friendship during these difficult times. Cue "You Got a Friend in Me!" *wipes tear from eye* She also gave props to Janet Jackson for her Super Bowl Halftime Show performance, but you'll have to tune in next week for more on that!

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